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Coloring Hearts

Flow of Nature Exhibition, Third Act

2020/11/20~26 Monzen Gallery

While living in Nagano, there were two seasons, when I got overly excited and could not stop going out to paint almost every day. First is in April, when the cherry blossoms are blooming and falling off so quickly, I did not want to miss one minute of that amazing flower show.

And the second is from early October when the leaves start to change into autumn colors, to late November when finally the Momiji trees turn into vivid red dancers. The colorful autumn wonderland painted my heart colorful too, I got addicted to this autumn scenery. 

This is why this final exhibition contained over 180 paintings, in a little gallery. This was the biggest exhibition in the smallest place. So when you walked in it really felt like the explosion of the autumn colors. I wanted to show all the gradients, how the powerful and calm summer green slowly turns into yellow, orange, red, purple (oh yeah purple!) and brown. I wanted to exhibit all the big finale of colors before they fall down, go to sleep, surrender to the cold white winter. 

Come with me to this journey, see how Sarah the little cherry blossom takes her part in this colorful finale, and maybe your heart will get colored, as hers.

The guests of 'Flow of Nature' experienced more than a simple series of painting exhibitions. When they entered, they forgot about the reality, left everything outside. They stepped into this magical world I imagined, they connected, they became friends with the nature, they were able to see the wonders I see when I am painting out there. It felt so happy watching the guests, just wondering around in my wonderland and being amazed by the faces of nature they never seen before. Despite of being surrounded by them every day. I hoped this exhibition to be a connection between the people and the nature of Nagano.

Although I had been painting in the nature for years, the Story wasn't born until this art show. I was writing the story while I was preparing for the exhibitions. Until the first day of last exhibition, I myself didn't know how the story will end. Then I realized, it didn’t end after all. Like the flow of the nature is endless. I will continue to draw in the nature,  bring you the stories I hear, and take you again on a journey to the wonderland of nature. 

Dancing Flowers

Chasin' the Wind

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