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Face the Nature

2022. 12. 23.-25.
Tsuboya Pottery Museum

For 3 days I occupied a gallery room in the Tsuboya Pottery Museum, on a popular tourist area in Naha, the Yachimun street. 

Remember when CInderelly only had a few hours until midnight, when the magic vanishes? Of course you remember… so what do you do when you get a few hours of magic? What do you do to show who you are to the world? 

I felt like that, only I had 3 days! But it flew away so fast… Anyway!

So I got my glass shouse on, and decorated that room with all I have! 

All the paintings I created in Okinawa! All the trips I made to the coast, all the conversations I had with the nature, all the friends I made!

I even created a map of all the places, where you can find the “treasures of Okinawa”.


It wasn’t just an exhibition for me. It was a chance to tell a story. A chance to invite you into that story. So you can see the characters of that story hanging around you on the wall, as you are reading the tale. Like you were walking inside of a story book:)


This is what my exhibitions look like, I want to give you the same experience you have when you read a comic book, or when you sit into a movie theater. 


Of course I am not able to give you the same experience… maybe someday…but I give you everything I have in me! (There were actually about 160 paintings in the room:))

And I don’t care how many people come to see it. One, or ten or a hundred… (There was actually 119 visitors while I was there!)

And I enjoyed talking to each one of them (well not everyone of course) but It is the magic of an exhibition: Being able to talk, connect to your audience, tell them what your art is about. And I am grateful to be able to have that experience again!


So I will continue to do my shows, continue to talk to people, until everyone will know my colorful friends, 

Until everyone will have the chance to Face the Nature!

Check out this little video of the exhibition, you can listen to the tale, while watching the paintings.  I enjoyed so much recording the reading of the tale afterwards, I may create more "picture book videos" in the future haha! How do you like it?


The fun didn't stop at Tsuboya Museum. I had exhibitions in other two locations, and I connected them with a fun stamp rally:)

Hotel Art Stay Naha

Cafe Bukubuku