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Fruits and Flowers

2024. 1. 17.-30.
Ryusion, Depot Island

Change is a part of nature. As the seasons change, new flowers bloom, fruits grow, old leaves fall down. In Okinawa, the dynamics of nature are different than I used to at the mainland. It is so much fun to observe the unique timing of changes.

Like how the silkfloss flower blooms in the winter, and bear her snow-like cottons in the spring. Or how the shekwasha fruits are still growing on the trees while the next generation of flowers start to bloom! It is interesting to see the connection between fruits and flowers. Even the encounter of different plants is precious, like how the tiny cherries waiting for the hibiscus to come alive.


Nature is full of encounters and mood changes. I would like to invite you to observe a few of them through my eyes at this tiny exhibition, and then discover them through the year, when you are out enjoying the forever changing moods and colors of the nature.

This exhibition has a calm vibe…as I finished with the set up I was surprised how dark and natural is the color palette of this collection is^^ different than my usual blue and pink themes:D

But if you look at it closely, you can discover all kind of colors inside those dark green mess!
Come and take a look!!^^
I prepared some cute prints and goods as well! 

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