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Mermay at okinawa

In the May of 2021, I participated in the world famous drawing challenge MerMay. The challenge was to paint one mermaid every day, But since I live in this amazing island, surrounded by places that feels like you could really spot mermaids, I decided to travel around Okinawa and paint the mermaids outside on the actual beaches. I wanted to show the different characteristics of the beaches through the paintings, while using the official key words of the MerMay challenge. Did you spot your favorite beach?:) You can see more about the making of the mermaids, check out my YouTube videos of “the Mermaid Challenge on Okinawa” (link below^^)

mermaid map.png

watercolor character Paintings

mermay calendar-02-min.jpg

day29: Floral
2021, watercolor on paper
220 x 270 mm

16.500 JPY


day31: Celebrity
2021, watercolor on paper
220 x 270 mm

19.900 JPY

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