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Watercolor/Acrylic/Oil Painting

I charge my hand-drawn paintings and illustrations by size. I measure sizes by postcards (100x148mm). For example an A4 painting cost as much as 4 postcards.
I paint landscapes, natural creatures and sweets. I like to paint live in the nature or in a cafe live sketching the ice cream before it melts:P this way I can really connect with the subjects of my paintings.
Afterwards I use the live sketches for reference to create original character paintings.

Going out to the world, and learn about it, "have a conversation" with it through painting is my life work.

If you commission a painting for me, I will use my experiences, the knowledge I learned through "conversing by painting", to create the perfect piece for you!


Postcard Size Painting (100 x 148 mm)


Postcard Paintings-min.jpg

Painting 181 x 256 mm


5. Rape Blossom, 2020, Komoro 181 x 256 mm -min.JPG

Painting 195 x 286 mm

Watercolor Character Painting F4 size (340 x 250 mm)


10. Momiji Love, 2018, Matsumoto 195 x 286 mm.JPG


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