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watercolor Character Paintings


While You Were Sleeping

watercolor on paper

405 x 312 mm

Inspired by the pine tree and the winter flowers of Nagano

watercolor Paintings

7. Christmas Tree in the City, 2019 Nagano, 140 x 180 mm.JPG

Christmas in Nagano

2019, Nagano City, Tokyu Shopping Plaza

watercolor on paper

140 x 180 mm

5500 JPY

Mountaingazing Pine-1.jpg

Mountaingazing Pine Tree

2020, Nagano, Shimizu

watercolor on postcard paper

200 x 148 mm

Notes: When it was exhibited, it was sprayed with glue spray to be glued to a panel, so the backside the paper is still a bit sticky.

5500 JPY

5. Heavenly Bamboo, 2020, 168 x 237 mm .JPG

Heavenly Bamboo


watercolor on watson paper

168 x 237 mm

16500 JPY