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Cartoon Portrait Illustration 


I have been having fun turning my clients into cartoon figures!
It is a unique way to express your personality and create a memory of you ar your family! Your child can turn into the flower you named her after, she can change into her beloved ocean, or dance together with her favourite cherry blossom tree! I
I love to elaborate the nature of Okinawa into this cartoon portraits, and create a unique piece that express your uniue connection to the nature. Or just create a fun colorful piece, that could be a nice gift!
I am open to any ideas and challenges! Lets create your unique portrait! 



About the creation process

First I would like to ask a few photos of the model of the portrait. ( I like to work with more than one photo (or if you have video that would be awesome too!) to really get to know the face of my model, find the features that I can use for the paintings.
I usually don’t try to copy the face from one photo, I use them for inspiration to create a cartoonized portrait.
But if you have a particular photo that you like me to use, that is totally okay too:)

I will do a sketch first, I usually make more versions. I show it to you, so you can choose which one you like, or ask me for changes.
If you lik the sketch I will start the painting.

The sketching and painting process usually takes 2-4 weeks.

About pricing and payment 
Payment is available via bank transfer, Paypal, or cash on delivery.
In ca
se of bank transfer/Paypal: Full amount due on approval of first sketch.
If you live in Okinawa, I can deliver the painting to you, and you can pay in cash (only in japanese yen) when I give you the painting.
I can also assist in framing the picture. Tell me if you request frame, and I can tell you about options and prices.

Here is a
price chart for portrait paintings

portrait commission pricing_3x-100.jpg
(2,4, more than 5 person is also available of course, this is just a guide for the estimate pricing)
The final price can be different, it will depend on the content of your painting
For example If you commission a painting about a plant or flower that i am not familiar with,I charge +5000 JPY research fee, and it requiers more time to create.

Please feel free to contact me, tell me about the details of your painting, and I will give you a price estimate.Also you can reach out if you have any questions, I gladly provide you more information!

The prices above refer to watercolor portraits.
Here are some examples about pricing of digital portraits.

Full Body

1person 11.000JPY

Head / Bust up

1person 7.700JPY


Pair Illustration

15.400 JPY

wedding illust sample.jpg

Simple head Illustration

(13 face pack)


simple kao.jpg

Group Illustration
(6 people + background)



Let's connect!

Pricing is different for each project, it depends on the content.

I would love to hear about your needs and problems, so I can tell you what can I offer to help, and what price can I do it.

Stop trying to figure out your solution alone! You can save the time and the stress, and schedule a free consultation with me! If you tell me about your project, you need my services for, I will offer the best solution for you at the best price!

Let's schedule a video chat!
Pick a day and time, and tell me a bit about the topic of inquiry, or the service you are interested in. What do you need illustrations or design for? I will get back to you soon!
I can't wait to hear from you! 

Thanks for submitting!

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