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Story of the Painting "Tide Pool" 2021.07.29. (video on the end)

"I want to get to those waves as close as possible!"

I was looking at the waves of the John Mann beach at low tide. It was the Day after the taiphoon, and the waves in the far seemed so big and wild! I wanted to “talk to them”.

Next Day I went to the John Mann Beach at the time of the lowest tide, and try to find a way to get closer to the waves. Walking in the cliffs, getting far from the shore, it felt like I am alone in this world. Alone with the waves.

Time for the conversation! Got my sketchbook and my paint and just stared at the waves in front of me. How should I capture this power… I had no idea just tried to feel the waves and painted… i didn’t like the outcome, it is i possible to me to capture the waves…

So alone in the world… or not?!

I spotted a fisherman walking on the cliffs, way further into the sea… And just casually started to fish on a very dangerous spotXD

"Wow he is a challengerXD" I thought!

The fisherman, me, and the sea dancing together in the infinite windy low tide.

It felt like the time stopped.

But it didn’t.

The low tide had to end sometime. Struggling with the paint, I suddenly realized the water crushing next to me, the cliffs started to vanish under the water. I had to go, before the way back vanishes!

“I failed” with dissapointment in my heart started to escape towards the shore. I saw my fisherman also gave up the fight… I wondered of he caught something…

I wonder if there are fishes around here…

Then I saw it…

Walking on the cliffs I found a little tide pool, full of fishes and corals.

Watching that world of harmony inside, I totally forgot about the high tide coming and the wild waves getting closer… I wished I could capture that contrast between the two worlds. The peaceful tide pool and the raging waves outside.

But those raging waves were getting closer… so I captured this desire in my heart and got out to the shore.

After I was in safe distance from the water, I decided to paint all of this awesomeness from the distance.

Actually I liked the outcome! I felt like I can hug the whole beach, thanks to that little piece of paper.

A month later, when I decided to paint a postcard series called “Okinawa moments”, I knew I have to paint that moment, that I couldn’t capture on the beach right away. You can see the contrast, the peacefulness, the happiness of that little pool, being safe from the waves.

Until the high tide comes of course:D And I wanted to express that moment too! So I created a digital painting, imagining the ocean waves running to the pool and jumping into it:) Well first just putting her hands in:) Like I did when we found a huge awesome tide pool on an other location:)

So I could capture all my feelings I had on my adventures, in a little postcard! It is a little painting with a huge heart, and a lot of feelings:)

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