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oil painting series

watercolor Paintings

Chasin' the Wind

344 x 252 mm
watercolor on 
Watson paper
55.000 JPY

Inspired by the cloudly sky and mountain scenery of Nagano
10. Sunset Clouds, 2016, Matsumoto 450 x 320 mm.JPG

Sunset Clouds

2016, Matsumoto, Oomura

watercolor on paper

450 x 320 mm

5500 JPY

Rainy Day, 2020, Nagano 100 x 148 .jpg

Rainy Day

2020, Nagano, impressions from a bus window

watercolor on paper

100 x 148 mm

Notes: When it was exhibited, it was sprayed with glue spray to be glued to a panel, so the backside the paper is still a bit sticky.

2750 JPY