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Way of the Wind

2024. 2. 2.-29.
CameCame Kitchen,
Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum

You say we can not see the wind.

But it is all we can see!

When the clouds run through the sky, the waves rise from the ocean and jump back into the water.

When the flowers dance and the leaves fall down from the trees. 

The wind moves the nature. It brings us cold breezes, delivers the scent of the flowers, blows away the clouds so we can enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Look around!

Can you see the way of the Wind?

At this exhibition I would like to present different kind of movements and feelings of the wind. My portraits of nature are inspired by the sketches I make outside, trying to catch the jumping waves, the running clouds, the dancing flowers. Trying to make a conversation with the wind.

I like to observe how the wind moves the nature, and represent it on my paintings. There are no static brush strokes. The nature is always moving…

Please come in and observe the wind moving through the walls of the CameCame Kitchen!

I love that every place I exhibit has a different special feature, that gives a little extra to the display. And gives me oppurtunity to be creative while decorating the place^^

I used the huge glass walls to hang my tiny nature sketches. Not only giving the walls "home decor of a traveller" vibe, but I could make a decoration that shows a different "face" from the outside than the inside.

There is another "easter egg"^^ I hanged the little sketches "in front of" their big character painting pair, that are hanging on the background wall. In this way, the tiny painting looks bigger than the big painting. It emphasises the importance of the tiny sketches I made outside. Show the big message of the tiny conversations. The beginning of everything.

Also by displaying the character paintings on the back wall, I am calling you in, encourage you to come closer, in order to see the faces of the flowers, that do not appear on the tiny paintings.

Just like you can not see the emotions of the trees and flowers, only if you find the palce in your heart to connect with them. Only if you are willing to share your emotions in order to make them share theirs.

Come in for a coffee and meet the nature, observe its emotions.

And this encounter may encourage you, to get to know the nature outside. Belive me, it will help you get to know, and figure out how to deal with your own feelings.

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