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Where the Pink and the Blue meet

2023. 3. 1.-31.
Camp Foster Library

The cherry blossoms were one of my first friends I made, while painting in the nature. I am looking forward to their gorgeous and fleeting dance every year! After spending three winter cherry blossom seasons at Okinawa, I had so much fun learning about the differences between the sakura of Oki, and the mainland.

What I miss the most about the mainland sakura, is the petals flying away one by one with the wind, dancing through the blue sky. The winter cherry blossom won’t fly away with the wind, but fall intact to the ground, getting absorbed by the infinite green nature of Okinawa. I enjoy the sakura dance in the middle of the green, but I can’t help wondering if she is craving after the blue... I wonder if she wants to be lifted up by the wind, to dance in the sky and then jump into the ocean! I wonder where can the pink and the blue meet?

I hope you enjoy taking a stroll with me into the world of the cherry blossom, and the other flowers I met in the winter, the Comsos and the Ume (Plum) Blossom. Let’s jump into the pink together!


I am so thrilled to be able to exhibit inside a library! Since the sole purpose of my art is story telling, I where could I better find an audience that loves to hear stories, than in the library!

This is the first time I am exhibiting story illustrations/concept arts, along with kind of a short story, or just a series of thoughts that these flowers woke inside me.  

If your journey takes you to the library, searching for your next book to read, your next adventure to bark upon, take a few minutes to meet my flower friends, and read about their story.

The best thing about them is, that they are not creatures of an imagery land. They are real, you can meet them anytime you step outside of your door.

I want you to realize how wonderful and magical the REAL NATURE is! Just as God created it^^

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